Oakdene CL Site near Nantwich, CW57LB

March 21st 2019

We’re taking another short break whilst the Brexit decision drags on and on as we can’t book a trip to France with Layla until we know what’s happening.

We’ve arranged to spend the weekend with our motor homing buddies Alison and Peter but have taken an extra night on the way, we travelled 60 miles to this CL site where we have the luxury of having the place all to ourselves.

As I write this, Layla is gnawing on a lamb bone after I cooked lamb shanks for tea, the site is enclosed and with the owners blessing she can roam safely outside. The site is relatively new and the owner is developing it bit by bit, there are EHU’s and we are on the first hard standing, the owner has also just installed a drive on waste water disposal point, he is currently working on a toilet block with showers, not bad for £13 a night.

Just before we arrived at the site we stopped at the nearby Dagfields Antiques Centre where we spent an enjoyable hour wandering around the various buildings zoned off into small areas rented by individuals. I successfully avoided buying anything and Michelle only spent £10! even though she saw quite a few pieces of Poole Pottery which she collects, there was also work by Anita Harris who was a designer for Poole.

Michelle’s favourite pottery.

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