Stand to Attention ( tongue in cheek)

We moved this morning 24miles to our current site at Ellesmere. On the way we stopped off at Oswestry managing to park Homer on the Sainsbury’s car park, I spent over £5 in store so the parking was free. We enjoy walking around Oswestry, and often do, as it has the traditional market town feel about it.

A short drive from there we were in Ellesmere where we found a spot in the long term parking car park, it was £2.40 to park, no other options available and you had to pay by card, thankfully as I was trying to work out how to pay a woman gave me her ticket as she was leaving, charitable act.

After lunch we drove the last two miles to the site where we were warmly greeted by the female half of the owners, and her golden retrievers, she quickly explained where everything was and left us to it. Whilst I was filling Homer with water the male half of the owners came out and firmly explained I wasn’t allowed to put the wheels on the grass, which I had to do to allow the hose to reach the tap! They loaned us an information pack to explain the site and surrounding area, when reading the instructions which came over in a very regimented way. discovered the owner was a former army major, explained everything.

We were joined at the site by our motor-homing buddies Peter and Alison and soon Fluffles and Homer were parked up next to each other. After a quick catch up on news we all went for a walk firstly through the Dingle on the site and then along the local lanes.

The evening was spent as usual putting the world to rights over a glass or two.

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