A Mere walk

Saturday 13th April 2019

Almost two years ago we made our first trip in Homer and the place we selected Ellesmere, and here we are again, albeit on a different site.

We set out this morning at 10.30am and walked down into Ellesmere and then had a gentle stroll around town popping in and out of a few shops and I called into Tesco’s to purchase a bottle of wine for this evening and chicken for tonight’s Moroccan tagine. We then took the canal towpath out of town until we met a footpath that took us up and over a site of an old motte and bailey castle where we dropped down to the cafe adjacent to the Mere.

We refreshed our weary bodies in the cafe with coffee and cake followed up as we walked along with a very nice ice cream. There are, as you would expect loads of water birds many of whom wade ashore which Layla takes exception to, especially the geese which are much larger than her.

The footpath around the mere takes you through a park and a sculpture trail and some magnificent old trees.

We eventually turned off the footpath around the mere and found the route home, when we returned Peter’s pedometer app indicated we had walked 6.4 miles, I was glad to put my feet up and have a rest until duty called and I cooked tea.

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