Homer’s new table. The World is his Oyster.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019.

The standard table that came with Homer is designed to drop down and form the base for the second double bed, also it is of a size to seat four people in the dining area. Like all things that are Hymer it is a substantial piece of furniture and quite heavy.

The passage way that gets you to and fro the the front and rear of Homer is only wide enough for one person to use at a time, so there is often a need for one person to sit still whilst the other moves or a quick perch on the bench seat whilst the other passes. Thankfully Michelle is quite small and agile so we have managed reasonably well over the past two years.

However whilst away last time in Ellesmere I mooted the idea that as only the two of us ever ate in Homer a smaller table would give us a circulation space in the centre of the van and a passing point. When we returned home I did some internet searching but couldn’t find any ready made smaller tables, so I decided to make one to our spec.

I purchased a sheet of ply cut to the exact dimensions of the original table from Woodsheets.com. This I then cut down to make a table only 65cm wide instead of 95cm, the extra piece being kept so we can still make up the bed if necessary. The folding leg I sourced from leisureoutlet.com its lightweight but sturdy, I removed and reused the metal strip from the original table which attaches it to the wall.

I wanted to make the table top more interesting and after some thought tracked down and ordered a laminated map of Europe from Daydream Education the dimensions of which would fit exactly on the table with no trimming. I had wonderful dreams of plotting routes across Europe for future trips.

However I hadn’t counted on Daydream Education employing people with scant Geography knowledge and I ended up with a map of the World, even though the delivery note said it was one of Europe. As we are on our travels again tomorrow I didn’t have time to send it back so trimmed down the world map so it would fit, sorry Alaska you had to be sacrificed as I kept New Zealand because I hope one day to do a motorhome trip there.

After applying a liberal layer of PVA glue and carefully sticking the map down I placed the new table in Homer, it has certainly made more circulation space available, we will see how it stands up to the rigours of use and travel. I already have a Mark 2 model in mind should it become necessary to make improvements.

I can’t see us taking Homer anywhere other than the top centre of the map but at least I can look at the rest of the world and dream.

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