Up hill, down dale – shake, rattle and roll.

Friday 31st May 2019

Sometimes in life you make decisions you later regret, today was one of those days. Last night I said I’d like to travel the distance (98miles) from Alnwick to Barnard Castle on minor roads and avoid where possible A roads. ie take the scenic route.

Well it was a death by a thousand potholes, switchback roads, uneven surfaces you name it, my eyeballs were bouncing up and down, my fillings in my teeth came loose and my body felt it had been pummelled, the last time we drove roads so bad it was in Belgium.

Was it all awful, no of course not, in the middle of nowhere we came across Kirkharle Courtyard craft centre, where individual artists had studios and sold their products. It was also interesting to find that this was where Lancelot “Capability” Brown was born.

We stopped for lunch in Hexham finding out when we had finished we were in a private car park, we moved Homer before we went for a walk around town, there was an interesting Abbey there but as a funeral was taking place we couldn’t explore the interior.

The next road we took weaved it’s way through the North Pennines, wonderful scenery and farm buildings and we passed Derwent Reservoir.

Eventually we arrived in Barnard Castle a lovely market town and enjoyed a stroll around it, some kind person in the car park gave us their parking receipt so it was a free stay.

Tonight’s site is only 2 miles outside Barnard Castle so it was with some relief that we arrived and set up quickly, then it was a dive into the showers for hot water to ease the aches and pains.

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