We’re in France – part 2

Sunday 28th July 2019

Over the past 7 days we have experienced some weather changes, slowly the temperature rose until we were hitting at least 41 degrees each day with it still being over 30 degrees in the house when we went to bed and 27 degrees outside when we got up in the morning. It has made tackling jobs around the house very uncomfortable, I tried to some plastering but the mix set in the bucket before I could apply it to the wall. Then on Friday the weather broke with a thunderstorm that lasted all day and heavy rain, this continued for Saturday morning as well.

During the week Peter and Alison arrived at their bungalow and we took advantage of their kind offer to cool off in their pool.

We’ve been to 2 vide greniers and spent a little money on a bizarre variety of items.

The throw on the left is on the settee as I write but the artist materials and the Union Flag, which I bought of an English woman, are going home with us.

Layla has coped extremely well with the hot temperatures not showing any distress at all, she did join us in Peter and Alison’s pool where she did 2 lengths and cooled off. Here at the house she has a coloured tennis ball which for most of the time she is here she becomes permanently attached to, even carrying it when we go on a walk, she loves chasing after it when we throw it.

Whilst sitting outside on Friday afternoon we spied something moving slowly across the field, when we went to investigate we found to our surprise a turtle, slowly making its way we think to our neighbours pond, looking it up on Google I found it to be a European Pond Turtle.

When we were here last we participated in a quiz night along with a Peter and Alison, at a bar restaurant we use and we won, the prize being a voucher worth almost 80 euros towards a meal. So Saturday night we took advantage of our success and went for a meal, a very pleasant evening it was too, with a few extra beers and cognac we only had to add a small amount to our winnings. I tried to take a photo of the menu but as it is laminated it didn’t work too well.

Today we went to Villefranche-de-lonchat which hosts annually a festival celebrating the best of the region, there are lots of craft stalls and exhibits such as barrel making, spinning, bee keeping etc and the afternoon always ends with displays from marching bands, folk dancers, a group of people who roll wine barrels at great speed, exhibit of sheep dog skills but with ducks, shepherds on stilts, a brass band and a cavalcade of ancient cars and then tractors pulling floats prepared by each village in the region. Great fun.

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