Inzel -Austria

Sunday 15th September 2019 – Days 13&14

We set off yesterday morning and drove around Lake Chiemsee which is Bavaria’s largest lake. We were heading for Passau which amongst other things is noted because it is the confluence of 3 rivers; the Ill, Danube and Inn where they join they appear black, brown and light green respectively forming a watery tricolour as they flow out of town. We’d wanted to stay here because it looked a fascinating place, unfortunately there were no spaces on the camper stop and we had to make do with a short walk by the river.

The only other places anywhere nearby were over the border in Austria, using Park4Night I found a site about 30 miles away next to the river Danube, Camping Inzell, it took some finding and was about 3 miles down a single track road, but what a beautiful place. As we crossed the border into Austria I stopped to put in fuel and to obtain a vignette valid for 10 days to enable us to drive on Austrian motorways, it cost 9 euros 60 cents.

Wifi and phone signal here deep in the valley are almost non existent but lack of that service is more than made up by the variety and number of boaters that are passing us on a regular basis, from small motorboats, large commercial barges, and very large cruise ships.

The campsite is part of a guest house which provides a large number of rooms and has a restaurant and bar, it is currently catering for a large number of cyclists as we are on a popular cycling route alongside the river.

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