St Wolfgang – Austria

Monday 16th Sept 2019- Day 15

Tonight Homer’s wheels are resting in St Wolfgang on Lake Wolfgang, chosen purely because of our friend Wolfgang in Germany. The area is very similar to our Lake District and the town of St Wolfgang has some similarity with Windermere in that it is very geared up for tourism, this evening whilst we were walking round the town a group of Japanese tourists made a fuss of Layla and were amazed she had travelled from England. ( I didn’t tell them she shared the driving.)

We are parked up next to a small railway station that is the starting point for a cog railway that runs for 5.85kilometres and climbs to the mountain station at 1,732m at the peak of Mount Schafberg. We were very tempted to go on it but when we realised that it cost 79 euros return for us and 16.50 for Layla and she had to wear a muzzle it became a big no no.

The views here are stunning and you can see why it is so popular.

On the journey here today we stopped at an Aldi to purchase a few necessities and much to our surprise found in Austria is known as Hofer.

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