Altenmarkt – Austria

Tuesday 17th September 2019 – Day 16

Last night we had a thunder and lightning storm with heavy rain that lasted from 11.15 pm until nearly midnight and then thankfully stopped, it has been very hot and muggy for days so the storm has bought a freshness to the air today.

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels on a site on a farm outside the town of Altenmarkt.

The journey here was quite spectacular driving up through mountain passes, on one we reached 950m high, many of the roads had streams or rivers running alongside, thankfully it stayed dry and the journey was enjoyable.

We try to arrive at sites by about 1 pm as they quickly fill up and today was no different, we were second here but by late afternoon the site was almost full. The farm sells eggs and local wine so it seemed rude not to support the local economy, the wine was 5 euros for a litre bottle and the eggs 3 euros for 10.

A few minutes after their purchase two eggs were in the saucepan and I enjoyed them for my lunch, they are very large with gorgeous yolks, as I write this I’m enjoying the wine. We have noticed that the eggs here and in Germany are always white, different to the UK where we go for brown. After lunch we walked into Altenmarkt which turned out to be quite modern with a good range of shops, we got talking to two couples touring on their motorbikes who were Geordies, their claim to fame was meeting The Hairy Bikers on the Grosseglockner road, a famous mountain road close to where we are staying.

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