Monday 30th December 2019.

Our day commenced with domestic routines, very necessary to keep on top of, as we move from site to site.

Peter and Alison’s Fluffles was having difficulties as the waste water tank wouldn’t empty out the waste water. There followed a 2 hour session where we tried to solve the problem and the waste water pipe went on and off the tank quite regularly, there didn’t seem to be any valid reason for the difficulty. The gauge read full but no water emerged. Eventually with the water hose running into the sink a small amount of water did emerge and we left the situation like that. We will see what the next few days brings.

After lunch we caught the bus into Bath, free for me, the benefits of a bus pass😊 £9 for the others for a group ticket giving an all day use.

Bath is of course renowned for it’s architecture and it certainly doesn’t disappoint, we commenced with a view of the Poulteney Bridge and weir on the River Avon.

From there we walked up hill through delightful narrow streets full of shops until we came to The Circus, a circle of beautiful houses, which of course unless I took a panoramic shot is difficult to show here to its fullest.

From here we headed further uphill until we reached “ The Royal Crescent” again magnificent architecture

As we walked the streets we did gaze in a few estate agent shop windows, there was one house in the centre of Bath for £1,999,500! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough credit on my card. Walking back down into the City we came across a park where they had installed an outdoor skating rink, every one appeared to be having great fun!

Our next stop was the Abbey next to the Roman Baths, of course Layla wasn’t allowed in so she sat on my lap whilst I was on a bench and drew admiring smiles and strokes from passing tourists(Layla, not me) I was kept entertained by a guitarist/ busker who played very well indeed. The queues to go in the Roman Baths were incredible, mainly made up of Far Eastern tourists.

We couldn’t leave Bath without seeing the famous Sally Lunn’s cafe / restaurant, because of Layla we couldn’t go in but instead had refreshments in a courtyard cafe opposite.

We then took a different bus back which dropped us off close to the camp site, a very pleasant afternoon, only seeing a small amount of the city.

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