Shrewsbury Antiques Fair

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2022

Both Saturday morning and this morning I woke feeling progressively better so I was pleased to get some pleasure out of the weekend. Saturday was pleasant and dry after Fridays miserable weather .

The adverse weather obviously had had an outcome on the number of stalls that had been set up, it was probably only 60 % in size in comparison to our previous visit.

The BBC programme Bargain Hunt were filming with blue teams and red teams wandering around supported by their specialists Mark Stacey and Thomas Forrester, they had Caroline Hawley as the presenter for the programme. It was interesting to see how much the background staff, camera man, sound recordist, plus two others were involved in guiding the teams and the scripts. At one point the camera man broke off from filming the team and filmed Layla, she showed no nerves and ignored him, then today Mark Stacey walked over from his team and gave her a big fuss, I’m sure she would have preferred a treat.

We were very restrained with our purchases spending £1.50 on a jar of lime pickle, £1 on a new knob for Homers kettle and Michelle splashed out £4 on broach shaped as a pear.

After lunch we walked into Shrewsbury, it was strange but also pleasant to see it full of people bustling around, cafes and restaurants busy and a lovely craft market in the old market square. A few face masks still in evidence but most people were getting on with life after Covid. We walked back along the river in all covering 5 miles today.

During the evening the wind got stronger and stronger and at bed time it began to rain which it did on and off until 9.30am this morning. We went for one last walk around the fair, there were a few different stalls but fewer had turned up than yesterday, I’m not sure if that was a help or hindrance to the contestants. Ground conditions were pretty dire squelchy grass and muddy patches.

With very little else to occupy us we decided to leave at 11am, it appeared we had run out of gas overnight so we stopped off at a service station with lpg, it didn’t let us put much in so now I’m not sure if we had run out or not.

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