The Arrival

Tuesday 5th April 2020

A non motorhome blog as we have travelled to our French house by car.

The journey to Portsmouth Sunday was easy going, first time we have travelled there in the light for a long time. We handed in our passports and nervously Layla’s new French passport, the very pleasant Brittany Ferries lady politely pointed out that there was a problem with it as the French vet had put the wrong date re her rabies jab. Thankfully I had carried all her vet info and her original passport and that was accepted as the correct info, a huge sigh of relief but we will have to see if we can get our French vet to correct the error,

The ferry’s arrival was delayed so we had some time to sit in the queue waiting to board, we were parked behind one of those annoying car owners who got in and out of his car about 20 times in 90 minutes, opening and shutting doors, messing in his boot, taking the dog for a walk every 10 minutes. When we got on board and went to our cabin there they were outside the cabin next to us😖😖thankfully they realised that it wasn’t their cabin and they wandered off up the corridor.

The journey down through France was 370 miles which took us 7 hours including two 30 minute breaks at the motorway services, one at Le Mans and one just north of Poitiers. Most services are new having been rebuilt in the past 5 years and should you require it serve a good range of food.

Aire Jaunay-clan

About 30 miles from our destination the main road was closed, I assume for road works and we had to take a diversion to complete the rest of our journey on narrow twisty country roads, just what you need at the end of a long drive.

We were pleased to find on our arrival that the garden hadn’t turned back into a jungle after our last visit here in October/ November last year.

Everything with the house seemed fine but on a sad note some thieves had climbed into the garden I believe intending to steal the old trailer, however the trailer had a hitch lock on it and they couldn’t open the garden gates as they are securely locked, they were foiled and in revenge stole the jockey wheel. The amusing thing is we no longer want the trailer and would happily give it away. We have also had a visit from wild boar who have dug up a few areas of the field, today I’ve spent some time today reinforcing the fencing where they obviously pushed their way through.

This damage is quite shallow compared to previous visits.

We travelled here on one tank of diesel, we struggled to fill up at home on Sunday morning all the supermarkets had no diesel and eventually we found an independent garage that had fuel but was 10p a litre more, this mounts up as I put £95 worth in.We managed to get here on one tank at an average of 50 mpg which considering we drove a lot at speed on motorways I’m pleased with. We had some left in the tank but this morning after doing some food shopping we decided to head to the towns petrol station to top up, there were long queues to get in and once in the queue I had no choice but to stay in it, after about 20 minutes I managed to top up, the French government are subsidising the fuel by 15c a litre. When we drove out the queues were even longer blocking the traffic island, you imagine how many car horns were being honked.

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