France -Easter trip 2022

After months of absence we quickly drift into a familiar life style here at our French house.The house is basic but comfortable, being approx 150 years old it needs permanent attention to keep it going.There’s never a time that there isn’t something that needs doing, this week we have carpeted one of the guest bedrooms, upgraded some of the electric sockets amongst many small tasks. Thankfully the grounds weren’t in too bad a condition since we left last November, so far I’ve mowed about an acre and spent a morning putting up 60m of barbed wire as a deterrent to the wild boar that have been invading. Michelle has been working on her garden pruning and weeding and using the Flymo on the lawn area.

One of our apple trees in blossom.

The weather has been reasonable since we arrived with only one wet day and night, on Friday we had gale force winds that lifted some tiles from our verandah but they can be easily replaced. A large oak tree blew down in our neighbours wood quite close to the stable housing his two pet donkeys.

Every evening we walk around our field and make a fuss of the donkeys, tonight they had a carrot and apple each.

Layla is becoming more tolerant of the donkeys although she does love to run up and down the fence teasing them. She is only about 40 cm tall but she has decided that she is a deer hound and has taken to the task of repelling any deer that try to come into our field to graze, she is content to see them run off before returning staggering with pride. I doubt I will get any photos of them this trip.

Whilst pruning some brambles that prevented me mowing one area I noticed that up in the tree was a hornets nest from the previous year it is about 60 cm in height.

No Sunday would feel complete without a visit to a vide grenier, today we went to a local village an old English bastide, Villefranche de Lonchat. We used to buy unusual items, things that intrigued us, items to put on display but this year as new grandparents our buying pattern appears to have changed. Today we returned with an inflatable paddling pool for 2 euros, and two car seats which cost 10 euros each, a bargain.

I wonder what the coming week will bring.

One Reply to “France -Easter trip 2022”

  1. Wow that’s some hornets nest in the trees!! We are currently down in the Dordogne and we also experienced the high winds this week but thankfully the sun is shining now. We continue to follow your travels with interest.


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