France Easter Trip 2022 Number 2

We had a very pleasant Easter Sunday, we collected our friends Alison and Peter and went to a vide grenier in St Laurent des Hommes, again it was a day purchasing some items for the grandsons in preparation for their visit in August. Afterwards we went back to Alison and Peter’s bungalow where we enjoyed a very pleasant lunch and whilst Peter and I went for a walk Alison gave Michelle a lesson on how to use a sewing machine. I’ve put in an order for a new suit😂😂

Vide grenier at St Laurent des Hommes.
Well it wouldn’t be Easter without an egg would it.

Earlier in the week we visited the local market, there were fewer stalls than normal, I’m not sure if that was Covid related or weather related but it is the time of year for asparagus.

It’s more common to have large white asparagus in Europe rather than our thinner green asparagus.
One of Michelle’s favourite stalls, it sells all things sewing related.

From the market we drove down the valley through Libourne and onto our friend Dominique’s house where we had been invited for lunch. Dominique is the daughter of my neighbour here in France and was once married to an Englishman and lived near Leeds so she speaks very good English and often helps me if I’m stuck for translation.We spent about six hours there in total and had a good time catching up on news etc.

Since we arrived here our washing machine stopped working, disgusting really as it is only about 28 years old it didn’t seem any point trying to arrange a repair so we found a suitable one online that could be delivered to a local electrical outlet.

We then had a highs and lows Saturday. Firstly I tried to buy the washing machine on line and it refused to accept my English mobile number. So I bravely went into town and explained my problem to a very helpful girl in the shop, using the in store computer we managed between us to open an account for me and order the washing machine.😊I drove back to the house feeling somewhat pleased to be greeted by Michelle with the news that we had a leak under the sink. All I needed. After spending some time in the cupboard it became obvious that it was the tap that was leaking, no amount of fiddling cured it so it was back down the town to Bricomarche and I returned 40 euros worse off with a new tap.

As always it was a hard task to remove the old one but after an hour the new tap was installed and working, I’d just put all my tools away when I heard Michelle screaming in the bathroom. I rushed in to find her paddling in water and a jet of water shooting up out of the toilet cistern, bouncing off the ceiling and falling back down on her. I turned off the main stopcock and paddled int the bathroom ( tiled floors no problem) to find that the inlet into the cistern had come loose, thankfully only a minutes job to repair. I’ve banned Michelle from going near water outlets. Having said that, the utility got flooded to day when I tried to remove the old washing machine, the isolation tap that hasn’t been touched since installation doesn’t turn off the water to the washing machine.😖😖

Thankfully Saturday ended on a pleasant note when Alison and Peter joined us for an evening meal and a glass or two.

Tonight’s main course was a vegetable tajine with cous cous.

Layla continues to enjoy herself immensely out here and has now decided it’s fun to join me when I’m mowing the field.

A funny ending to the blog, well Michelle thinks it funny! whilst shopping recently I was buying some salad and asked Michelle to get me a bunch of spring onions. The next day I had two with my lunch and commented on how strong they tasted, for the 24 hours following I had the taste of garlic in my mouth, they weren’t spring onions, but young garlic bulbs.😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

Not spring onions.

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