Shropshire County Show Ground – Shrewsbury.

Friday 11th March 2022.

When on Monday afternoon we returned from our weekend away it was with the full intention of mothballing Homer until May as we are spending April in France travelling by car.

So as we drove to Shrewsbury this afternoon in double speed wiper weather it is obvious something has changed😊

Monday evening we saw an article in the local newspaper as to how a team of local people were working hard to prepare the show ground in readiness for an Antiques Fair this weekend. The showground was a few weeks ago totally flooded by the River Severn over flowing it’s banks. Not an unusual situation it happens quite regularly.

We have camped here before a few years ago where we were pitched under some trees which dropped acorns on our roof all night long😵‍💫 they now have some different hardstandings with electric hook up so we are staying on one for the weekend. We have also travelled here by car in the past to visit an Antiques Fair which we enjoyed immensely so we are combining the two this weekend. Thankfully the heavy rain stopped at 6 pm so hopefully it will be better underfoot tomorrow.

I woke this morning suffering from a heavy cold and cough, Michelle said we should perhaps call the weekend off, but I decided being ill in Homer wouldn’t be any worst than being ill at home plus there’s lots here to occupy Michelle. So we will see what tomorrow brings.

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