Middleburg – Zeeland – Holland

Monday 23rd May 2022.

It has rained virtually all day, quite heavily at times.

We started off this morning by driving to a motor parts centre on the outskirts of Dunkirk called Carter- Cash. It was like a large Halfords, using my limited French, sign language and one assistant using Google translate I managed to get a replacement tyre fitted. They weren’t insured to fit wheels to heavy vehicles so it remains as a spare. It cost 82 euros which I thought was reasonable for a large tyre.

Today had always been earmarked as a day to drive from Dunkirk to Middleburg here in Holland via Belgium. We have driven the autoroute many times and as we weren’t in a rush we decided to use A roads across the north of Belgium going through places such as Oostende and Zeebrugge. I’m glad we didn’t use the autoroute, the spray and water lying on the normal roads was bad enough to deal with, finding somewhere to park for lunch was a nightmare and eventually I pulled over by the side of a road in a town. Funnily a few miles down the road when we crossed over the border into Holland there were regular lay byes.

Rainy day in Belgium.Lunch break.

Zeeland is a peninsular above Antwerp and to get here we had to drive through a 6.5 kilometre tunnel at a cost of 7.5 euros, at least it was dry inside the tunnel😊

We are staying for the night at Mini Camping De Vlaschaard, it’s 18 euros for the night with full services plus 3.6 euros tourist tax payable by everyone.

Outside Homer.
Camp site entrance.

After our evening meal we walked the 1.5 miles into Middleburg, the rain had now slowed to a drizzle, the town was a pleasant mixture of old and new and we would certainly return.

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