Giethoorn- Holland

Friday 27th May 2022

We are staying for the weekend at Jachthaven Kuiper at Giethoorn. As the title suggests it’s a yacht harbour on the edge of a large lake and network of canals.It is a national holiday weekend so we have chosen to stay here for the weekend rather than worry about getting on a camp site elsewhere. Also today is our wedding anniversary and we didn’t want to spend it travelling all day.

It’s a very attractive site not too expensive to stay but it has to us, a weird system of accessing everything wether your a yachter or camper.You have to obtain a card which you load with euros and everything on site has a pad which you have to swipe to make it work ie the shower, water tap, electric hook up etc etc, it takes some getting used to.

Harbour masters office.
Bridge going up.
Boat coming through.

Giethoorn itself is an attractive place known as “The Venice of the North”the houses, shops, restaurants etc are interspersed with a network of canals and there is a thriving boat hire industry here. We had a short walk around this afternoon but will explore properly tomorrow and take more photos.

First thing this morning we went to a shopping centre to access a supermarket to top up with a few things, you had to pay on the car park. The machines will not accept our cards, we have had this problem at other car parks this week and there’s no system for paying with coins. Thankfully today a kind man used his card and I gave him the cash. The one main supermarket chain Albert Heijn we use also doesn’t accept our cards so it’s cash only.

Todays journey took us from Lelystad, past Kampen, north of Zwolle and up to Giethoorn.

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