Giethoorn – 2

Saturday 28th&Sunday 29th May 2022

We have spent two days as tourists walking on average over 5 miles a day split reasonably equally by walking around the village and canals of Giethoorn itself and around the lakes and nature reserve over the main canal from Giethoorn. Giethoorn is described as a little Venice which I can understand, we in the UK would also think of the Norfolk Broads.

We are based at the blue dot.

It’s evident as you walk around that this is a wealthy area houses are large and individually designed, it has made us smile to see how many lawns are being mowed by robot lawnmowers with no owner in sight.

Many houses have thatched roofs.
Every house has its own small boat and you see people going off to the supermarket in them.
A boat I liked.
It happens in every country😂

Around the lakes there is a different feel, the landscape is more open, again many boats of differing kinds, some must cost a million pounds or more, and of course wildlife.

White chested cormorant.
A house on the lake Michelle fancied.
Some boats still are wind powered.
The main canal through the town.
Thirsty work all that walking.

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