Herrenveen- HerrenveerYachthaven.

Monday 30th May 2022

We drove approx 50 miles north today, I asked Michelle to plot a route that didn’t use motorways, which she did using the sat nav.Well it was entertaining to say the least, we took a mixture of A/B/C class roads through small villages and towns but we also were directed through trading estates, housing estates and i’m sure several back gardens. Michelle was a nervous wreck by the time we arrived.

Herrenveer Yachthaven is another pleasant well organised motorhome stopover with 15 pitches, when we arrived at midday there were four empty pitches, by 12.30 the site was full. When we booked in the harbourmaster gave us a tourist map showing the route to town which we followed on our walk into town after lunch.It was 2.5km each way and with all the extra walking around we did over 5 miles again today.

The large canal running through the town has a number of large boats moored which are being used as permanent homes.

The town has a mixture of old buildings and ultra modern ones, it obviously supports a tourist industry but on a Monday afternoon out of high season there wasn’t much evidence of that. In the old town there were a lot of street cafes/restaurants and they had moored up floating platforms with tables and chairs to increase their space.

Towering high above the town was a church steeple which we managed to find our way to, it wasn’t open unfortunately, or not, dependant on if you have to wait outside with a dog.

Wether as a result of all the walking we have done over the past three days or a flare up of rheumatism, my left ankle has swollen up and is quite painful. It’s strapped up at the moment but what ever happens it’s being used tomorrow as we hope to visit a special place I’ve wanted to go to for some time.

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