Skipton – Yorkshire

Wednesday 13th July 2020

We have taken a small window of opportunity to take a five night break away most of which we intend to spend in a small area of Yorkshire.

Tonight we are staying in the centre of Skipton on one of the dedicated motorhome spaces provided by the council for the extremely good price of £5. The only facilities are public toilets but as we are self contained that doesn’t matter.

The car park borders the Liverpool Leeds Canal and there are narrow boats moored up here next to a very good bar where this evening in very pleasant sunshine we managed to force down a drink or two.

We had a pleasant afternoon walking around the town, much to Michelle’s astonishment that I had taken her somewhere where the shops were open😊 Then after our evening meal we went for another walk around and as previously mentioned ended up having a drink.

Entrance to Skipton Castle.

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