Easter Monday 2017.

I’m not sure if everyone has realised by now but you can read this blog by entering

taraabit.co.uk     into any search engine

Today we have had a day pottering around, the weather has been beautiful, sunny and warm all day, a hint of breeze so that it wasn’t too hot.

This morning we grouted the tiles that we have recently put on the work surface and this afternoon Michelle varnished the wooden edging we placed around them all.I mowed another acre of field and used the small mower to give the front lawn and part of the field a second cut, the grass appears to be regrowing as fast as I cut it.Michelle also re-stained some of the facia board, front and back of the house whilst I repositioned the grape vine to move it away from the wall, so that we can paint it in the summer(Sophie) and lifted it up above the verandah doorway so it doesn’t garrotte us when it’s laden with grapes.Whilst mowing a large bird/eagle? circled above me getting as close as 3 metres on one occasion, didn’t carry me off though.And now for a curry and a beer.

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