Nontron and St Mathieu

August 20th 2017

We are on the move again. 

Our first stop today was Nontron which is situated in the Perigord-Limousin Regional Natural Park in the north of the Dordogne. The town has existed for around 1100 years and although being a fortified town on top of a hill it has been invaded and occupied many times during its existence. It is well known for its manufacture of cutelery, similar to Lagouile, again expensive and high end quality. Every summer it has a festival to celebrate the cutlery tradition.

Visiting at lunchtime on a Sunday meant it was very quiet but allowed us to walk the streets easily and take lots of photos, we were tempted by two cakes in the boulangerie which we bought for tea.

After leaving Nontron we drove a further 10 miles north to an aire near St Mathieu, it is situated by the side of a lake with a cafe. After parking up we went for a 2.5km walk around the lake and later after our evening meal another walk in the pleasant evening sunshine. This aire is free so all we have spent today is 4 euros 75 centimes on cake!

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