Saturday 14th October.

It’s strange to think that four weeks ago today we were in the process of having a new starter motor fitted and were then on our way to Mont St Michel, the weather here today in mid Wales is nicer than it was on that day in northern France!

This morning we caught the steam train from Carrog to Llangollen at £16 a head return. Well that was the theory, the guard said get on quick we are running very late and pay on the train, so we climbed aboard and sat in one of the old style carriages with everything running off the corridor. With a puff of smoke and a burst of steam we set off, however in the opposite direction to Llangollen, the train was so late it was still heading to Corwen!

So twenty minutes later we were back in Carrog and heading on to Llangollen where we arrived much later than anticipated. We took a few photos at the station and of the river running alongside followed by a wander around the town popping in and out of a few shops of interest but managed to avoid spending any money. We had lunch in a tea room in a side street and then headed for Llangollen Pavillion which was hosting a food festival which cost us a £5 each to enter. There were a large variety of catering stalls, stalls selling their food and drink that they produce, craft stalls and an arena with a live band, we splashed out £11 on a variety of Welsh cheeses.

In the midst of these stalls was one called “Bobs Curry Hut” when I looked at its propieters I realised that I recognised them, they were parents of children we had taught, the youngest one we remember being Gurdeep, we had a good chat and they bought us up to date about their children and offered us some samosas but we were already full from lunch so we declined. Small world eh. We walked from there to the Llangollen canal where should you wish you can participate in a 45 minute horse drawn boat ride or once a day the 2 hour return ride to the Pontcysyllte aqueduct . Unfortunately we had time for neither.

We caught the last train back from Llangollen at 16.10 pm which fairly rattled along, arriving on time at Carrog probably the only time that day, every station, lay-by, bridge was crammed with steam train buffs taking photos and videos of every detail of the train.

After chilling out for a while we walked up to The Grouse where we had a table booked and enjoyed a pleasant meal and a few drinks and chatted for hours, back at Homer we had a night cap and tackled the Times crossword.

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