Crash, Bang, Wallop.

Wednesday 14th Feb 2018

At 8.30 am I decided to take Layla for a quick walk, currently she isn’t quite tall enough to manage the steps so I picked her up to carry her out, as I stepped out I slipped on the step and fell heavily to my left, crashed into the door and ended up in a heap on the floor.

Thankfully Layla landed on me and apart from a quick yelp she was fine, unfortunately my left arm didn’t feel the same and was quite painful. Back inside I took a couple of painkillers and Michelle went to the site office to see if they had crepe bandages. The staff insisted I should go to the local hospital and 10 mins later gave us a lift there.

Ninety minutes later after seeing two nurses and having an X ray I emerged from hospital with my left arm in plaster. We were due to leave the site at midday but obviously an arm in plaster was going to make driving difficult so we have extended our stay for a further two nights whilst we sort things out.

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