Crash, Bang, Wallop 2.

Friday 16th Feb 2018

I will start by stating that the three of us are now at home and Homer is parked safely on the drive thanks to the kindness of family members Steph and Will who drove down to Moreton in Marsh and rescued us. Other people, friend Phil and staff offered and gave us great support.

We paid for an extra two nights on site and even though the site was technically fully booked for the weekend the staff were prepared to allow us to stay longer should the need arise and when we couldn’t leave until late Friday evening waived any extra charges.

We did a lot of walking to occupy our time which Layla enjoyed and broadened her experiences of shops, cafes, traffic etc, the weather wasn’t over kind with lots of rain at times but we survived it all and still smiled.

Whilst on site I managed to book an appointment for Monday at our local fracture clinic and dependent on the outcome we will have to see if our trip to France in March will have to be postponed.

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