Taraabit-Round Up 6

March 5th 2018.

It has now been 12 days since I stupidly fell through the air and ended up with a fractured wrist, the x-ray shows its knitting together nicely and it is projected the plaster cast will be removed in two weeks time. It’s been a very frustrating time, we should now be preparing for a trip to France but that has had to be postponed until April and the poor weather with snow drifts and blizzards hasn’t been very helpful.

We’ve taken the opportunity of my inability to drive Homer to do some work on it in preparation for when we can hit the road again, we have had the interior re-carpeted a professional job courtesy of my son. We have bought some organisers to fit out the wardrobe which hopefully will make finding things easier and also free up cupboard space elsewhere, and also changed a neon light with a re-placement LED set up which should help reduce the drain on the leisure battery when we have no mains hookup. Cupboards have been emptied and items that haven’t been used or we can manage without have been removed, benefit of experience. Much of the the latter work curtesy of the assistance of my other half.

Layla continues to grow and is slowly learning new skills, she can now be let off the lead when we walk away from roads and comes back when called, she enjoyed the snow immensely not at all bothered when the wind chill factor was minus fourteen and we were wrapped up in layer upon layer to keep warm.

Fingers crossed if all goes well we will take a trip in Homer before the end of the month.

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