Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

March 7th 2018

Today we took the opportunity of an improvement in the weather and took a ride to the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre situated on the outskirts of Craven Arms in Shropshire.

This centre is open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm managed by a charity Grow, Cook, Learn connecting people to the food, history and landscape of the Shropshire Hills. The centre is a modern building with a roof covered in grass, it contains a variety of facilities including amongst others a cafe, information area , free wifi. Also an exhibition area which has a Shropshire Hills Through Time Exhibition with a visual and audio display of the landscape, a skeleton of a mammoth and a chance to use your senses to explore the region from the Ice Age to the modern day.

To the rear of the centre are the 30 acre Onny meadows bordered on one side by the river Onny, we took the 1.5 mile Onny Meadows Trail and gave Layla plenty of exercise, we also had a very enjoyable lunch in the cafe where the portions were very agreeable.

As we walked back to the centre it began to hail sharply and marked the end of our visit, the roads on the way back over the Long Mynd were still bordered by deep snow drifts.

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