Homer Anniversary

March 18th 2018

A year ago today we collected Homer from Mansfield and made a nervous drive home, I’d never driven anything as large before so it was definitely a new experience!

We knew when we decided to purchase the Hymer at 18 years of age that we would need to carry out some work on it and that has certainly happened throughout the year, some has been cosmetic and to change the interior to suit us. Other work has included a range of mechanical improvements, most of which was planned and with an aim to make the driving and handling more agreeable and one change, the starter motor, which certainly wasn’t planned when it ceased to work in France.

Over the past twelve months we have spent a total of 41 nights sleeping in Homer, 23 of which were in Europe, we have visited France, Germany, Luxembourg and Holland. Visited and stayed in 8 UK counties, Cambridgeshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Oxford, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Denbighshire.

We have already made plans for a UK trip away next week and further one in July, also in the pipe line is a trip to Germany in May and France In August, Happy Days ahead.

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