Blog Anniversary

April 2nd 2018

Exactly twelve months ago today I made my first tentative steps into the life of a blogger, I had for sometime been following the blog of Jason and Julie of our and their journey around Europe in their Hymer. When we bought Homer the family commented we would be disappearing more than ever and as it is a standing joke that Michelle never answers her texts they wouldn’t know where we were. I’d spoken to Steph our youngest daughter about a blog and she encouraged me to have a go, her partner Will had used WordPress to post blogs so I tentatively created our domaine name taraabit which is local dialect for see you later and then created my first blog which looking back in the blog at archives was very short.

Now twelve months later I have posted 120 blogs and the blog has been viewed by 600 visitors and had 3,824 views. I’m always amazed and curious about the range of countries that the readers log on from, over the past year we have had readers from:

UK, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Guernsey, South Africa, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Most weeks I have a hit from the USA which is very intriguing, I would love to know whereabouts ie which state, so if your my regular reader please feel free to email the blog site I would love to know.

We now have the blog listed on and also on where we have received a further 246 views. A friend who reads the blog commented he didn’t know how I managed the time to write the blog or found the ideas, I have to say I don’t find it difficult and I suspect reading other motorhome blogs others don’t too.

Here’s to the next year of blogging.

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