Walking in the Moss

Monday 26th April 2018

A beautiful sunny day greeted us when we awoke this morning so we decided to take Layla for a good walk before heading home. The site warden had recommended a route across farmland on a signed footpath so we headed off in that direction.

Initially we walked along a narrow country lane bounded by dry stone walls with sheep munching away in the fields on the other side, every where the walls, rocks ground etc is covered in deep green moss. The walk took us through a farm yard with old tractors and machinery and then past an old ruined cottage, along side it in the remains of what was probably a barn two old cars were rusting away. We entered an ancient wood, again deep in moss and Layla enjoyed some free time here bounding around over rocks and around trees, the journey back was the reverse of the way there with the added experience of Layla meeting chickens for the first time.

After lunch we headed home, again Homer struggled on hills and we had the added problem of when we pulled up for fuel, the filler cap refused to come off so I had to prise it off with a screwdriver, a better alternative will have to be sought.

Altogether a very enjoyable few days away and an area we will definitely explore again in the future.

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