Lindfield nr Hayward’s Heath.

July 31st 2018.

Since our return from Lake Vyrnwy we emptied out Homer and reassessed the contents and in some cases, where things were stored, some items have been put in the garage as we only need them in the winter, whilst a few extras have been loaded aboard as we hope to be away for 7 weeks. One extra is a Remorska cooker which I have read about in other blogs and heard good things about, after losing out on two attempts to buy one on ebay I got a refurbished one directly from Lakeland at a price less than one on ebay and it comes with a twelve month guarantee. On a trial run I successfully cooked a cake and a loaf of bread.

Prior to this I had replaced the seals on the toilet as I believe they were the originals and I also installed a valve between the gas bottles to enable the swap over to be easier, hopefully bringing an end to trying to attach a new bottle in lashing rain or in pitch darkness holding a torch between my teeth. We have aboard two UK gas bottles, calor light, and also a french gas bottle known as “a cube” this is also a lightweight bottle and as its name implies is a cube shape. This is useful as it means we can change it in France when it runs out and only use the UK ones as back up.

We left home this morning accompanied by my 95 year old mother, we are comfortably but not excessively laden for our first stage of our trip down to the Dordogne. We travelled here via the Cotswolds including driving up Fish Hill near Broadway, last time with a defunct turbo I struggled in 2nd today we flew up in 3rd.

We are tonight on a CL site at Lindfield near Hayward’s Heath West Sussex. My sister lives in the area and we have used this site as a stopover on our way to Dover, the site isn’t easy to find but is in a pleasant location with friendly owners. My sister and brother in law collected us from the site and provided us with a meal and a drink or two and we caught up on family gossip before returning for the night leaving my mother with them for a short break.

Tomorrow we head to Dover and France and then will find somewhere to stay tomorrow night.

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