Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall -Wales.

July 23rd 2018

Our daughter Steph and her partner Will plus Poppy the dog are holidaying in the area and they came to collect us from our site so we could spend the day together. I suggested visiting Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall with its 73m fall is the highest in England and Wales and wasn’t too far from the site.

A swift journey there, the latter part being on a single track road with passing places bought us to the head of the valley and the waterfall. Here is situated a lovely cafe/ tea room that produces reasonably priced meals in an old stone building that also provides b and b, it is literally 30m from the foot of the falls, it is all private land here and you have to pay £5 for the privilege of parking next to the cafe but that is for a day. Many people use it as a base for walks in the nearby mountains. There is also a basic camp site here.

We spent a quite some time marvelling at the falls even though there has been very little rain recently they were still something to marvel at, some brave souls even swam in the pool at the base of the falls, in our party it was only the dogs that did. Quite a few people were visiting and there were tourists of many nationalities that had made the journey to discover the waterfall.

We had lunch in the cafe and afterwards took the long and in places steep walk up to the head of the falls, approx 20 mins if you are fit, the view from the top is spectacular and if you were brave or foolhardy enough I’m sure you could lie right on the edge of the falls and take a photo looking down, I’m not, so my photo is a little tame. There’s loads of pools at the top and the dogs enjoyed playing in them, Steph got her foot stuck in the mud and lost her trainer so had spend some time paddling to clean herself up. After making our way back down again we treated ourselves to an ice cream.

Michelle and I enjoyed the visit as the last time we had been here was on New Year’s Day in 2008 before we were married, we took a selfie that day which we had printed and is displayed on the wall in our house, today we took the opportunity to repeat the photo shoot and will put the photo with the original one.

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