Tara a bit – Roundup, Left behind & Leftovers.

September 11th 2018

Our visitors left today flying back from Bergerac to the UK. Always feels a bit strange when your down to two.

Now commences the pack away for the winter months, the parasols, sun loungers, outdoor tables and chairs have to be packed away into their winter storage area, it’s strange with just two chairs and one table left out. Then there’s the food in the fridge and the freezer and other food people like to buy whilst here but doesn’t get finished. It’s time for creativity as I try and combine as many of the items as possible into a palatable meal, tonight it was two different curries.

Over the past 10 days we have combined a mixture of visits and carrying out tasks in and around the house, we have as blogged been to Bergerac and Lalinde, we’ve also visited the lake at Jemaye, Libourne and a vide Grenier at Moulin Neuf, where Sophie bought another old suitcase to add to her collection and I bought another brass garden object.

We kept Sophie busy trimming the conifer hedge, mowing the field and helping me prune numerous trees.

My mom has enjoyed immensely playing with Layla, we kept her occupied with a variety of small jobs including varnishing 5 doors, bizarrely she loves washing up and fights for the right to do so, who are we to prevent her such enjoyment. It does however come at a cost as she gets through dishcloths, a bottle of washing up liquid and most of the contents of the LPG tank that heats the water, her comment being “I like to do the job properly”.

Below are a few other photos you may enjoy.

We don’t have TV here so reading and doing jigsaws are one way we occupy ourselves when it’s too hot to be outdoors, Ive finished a 496 piece one, it should have been 500 but Layla ate four of the pieces.

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