Lalinde via Bergerac.

September 7th 2018

The ladies felt in need of some retail therapy so today we headed to Bergerac which has a good range of clothes shops in its high street. I managed to park Homer in the centre of town next to the church to reduce the distance mom had to walk. Whilst they hit the shops I took Layla for a long walk around the back streets where she indulged in a long session of sniffing and discovering new scents.

From here we drove to Lalinde a pretty market town on the River Dordogne, I have driven through here on many occasions on our way to Sarlat or towns in the Dordogne valley such as Roque Gageac and Domme, today is the first time we have taken the opportunity to visit it and have a walk around. On the way to Lalinde, you do for many miles, drive alongside a canal which is between the road and the Dordogne river, when we arrived we found a place to park and have lunch adjacent to the canal basin.

Its a very pleasant spot, the water is quite deep as Layla found out when she fell in, the canal system was built over 150 years ago to overcome the difficulties of navigating a stretch of the Dordogne River where the water is shallow.

One of the main bridges for crossing the Dordogne is here.

On the way back home we took the opportunity to call in at Decathlon and purchase a few items, mom was intrigued by a horse in the equestrian area.

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