I do like to be by the seaside – Honfleur

Sept 17th 2018

We spent a little time this morning before leaving chatting to the couple we met last night plus another couple who were Scottish but driving a Hymer with a German registration number.

We then headed the short distance north to the coast at Arromanche which was the scene of Operation Overlord in June 1944 when the allies built two floating harbours to bring the tanks and other heavy equipment ashore to support the invasion. Remnants of the harbour are still in existence today as can be seen in one of the following photos.

After leaving here we followed the coast road, stopping at first at a supermarket for provisions and a shiny new non stick frying pan. We found it difficult to find somewhere to park for lunch but ( one here for Steffi) we were dead lucky and eventually parked next to a cemetery.

We only use the sat nav to take us the last few miles to our destination and today it went haywire, took me along some tiny lanes around a housing area, down an extremely steep hill just wide enough to squeeze through until we popped out near tonight’s aire. We often drive along the main road around or into Honfleur and it is wide and straight, so why it decided that route I’ve no idea, if it hadn’t cost us so much it would be in the bottom of the harbour now.

Tonight’s aire is huge and can take 240 motorhomes and it’s full, because we arrived early we got a good position and electric hook up, from the front window we can see the harbour and from the rear the huge suspension bridge which we will travel over tomorrow.

Honfleur is a city on the estuary where the River Seine meets the English Channel, the old harbour is surrounded by 16th to 18th century buildings and was a haunt of some of the Impressionist painters, even today there are many shops selling art work especially modern sculptures. It is is a busy tourist town but still pleasant to walk around and there are lots of restaurants.

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