Hay on Wye.

Friday 25th January 2019

This morning we walked the 1.5 miles toHay on Wye which is situated in Powys and is known as the town of books with over 20 bookshops and is the site of the annual world famous Hay Literary Festival.

Hay’s history stretches back to its first fortification in the 1070’s over time it went from a wooden motte and bailey to a stone fortification, over the centuries it’s ownership changed hands on many occasions either by force or gift.

On April 1st 1997 bibliophile Richard Booth conceived a publicity stunt and declared Hay to be an independent Kingdom and himself monarch! This began the start to Hay becoming a Mecca for second hand book lovers that transformed the local economy.

This one of several places in Hay where you can select a book and put your money in a “honesty box” or take your money to a shop close by. Joining in the spirit of things I bought a paperback, however I have to confess it was from a charity shop, much cheaper.

The weather today has been remarkably mild for January reaching 10 degrees with pleasant periods of sunshine making it a good decision to get away.

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