Tall grass- numb bum.

Saturday 27th April 2019

It was raining when we got up this morning so we decided to head to the supermarkets and do a big shop to keep us going for a few days, we did a shop in Netto, Lidl and Intermarche, all very close together, that way we had a wider choice and could be selective about prices, we also took the opportunity to buy some petrol for the mowers.Back home it had stopped raining and that meant one thing ……..

When we left in February the grass was about 10cm high in many areas it is now 45 cm high, thick and wet, too much for the sit on mowers so first it has to be tackled with the tractor and then the areas close to the house are given several cuts with the mower to bring the grass down to lawn length.

I spent four hours on the cutting today and achieved about a quarter of the area, hence the numb bum. Thankfully the grass on the other 2 acres isn’t quite so long.

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