Le long week-end.

Sat 4th May 2019.

This year we spent Easter in the UK, the first time for me in over 30 years, it was an unusual experience as I didn’t realise that places shut on Easter Sunday! Now we are here in France at the beginning of May another new experience and have found the two Wednesdays we are here ( May 1st and 8th) are National holidays, in many ways we won’t notice much difference to normal, except. – ” le long week-end” – it appears if you have Wednesday off then why go back to work the next day, just extend your break until the following Monday and enjoy a long weekend, and quite a few local businesses are doing so.

We are whist here continuing the landscaping work we commenced in February but I will report more on that at the end of our break here, meanwhile other little things entertain us. We do of course continue to visit vide greniers, three so far and it must be a record because I haven’t bought anything.

Whilst sitting enjoying a coffee in the sunshine on our patio the largest snake I have ever seen here slithered past, if I was like our friend ” exaggerating Pete” i would report that it was at least the size of an anaconda, well it wasn’t , but it was approx two metres long and about 10cm across its body, I didn’t get a chance to take a photo so I’ve downloaded one, it’s a Western whip snake.

I don’t seem to have a lot of luck with sit on mowers having burnt out two over the years, now the third I bought second hand is playing up, the battery went dead , a-replacement cost me 59 euros, then the starter motor which had sounded ropey for some time stopped working. An enquiry today at the mower spares place resulted in being told a replacement would have to be ordered and cost 150 euros, according to the internet they can be obtained for £60 so I will get one in England, the grass will just have to grow!

Layla is as usual having a great time out here and wanders at will in the field, occasionally going to visit the donkeys who try to make friends with her, but she gets too excited and they all end up racing up and down on either side of the fence braying and barking. Michelle gave Layla a bath after which she ran out of the house into the field and rolled over and over in the grass, when she returned she looked like a walking haystack.

On a slightly annoying note I have spent ages on the telephone to England since we arrived here, on the day of our departure I received a letter from the local hospital apologising that there had been a cock up in their computerised records and I was overdue a medical procedure so could I contact them immediately to arrange a pre op appointment and they’d written to my doctor to let her know. This was very baffling as I wasn’t aware of any outstanding need to visit the hospital, no-one answered the departmental phone number it gave out, then my doctor phoned me very concerned and asked me to get in touch with the hospital, so in the end I phoned the hospital switchboard which gave me another number. Eventually I found someone to speak to, the record they had was dated 2011, I had been for three check ups since that date and they didn’t have them on their system! Eventually the consultant specialist phoned me to find out what were the facts and hopefully has now corrected the records, I also insisted he send a letter to the doctor with the correct information. Just the kind of worry you need when your on holiday. Faith in the NHS ???

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