Wednesday 21st April 2021

Scarborough is known as Britain’s original sea side resort, it has a 12th century castle that stands on a headland splitting its two sandy bays.

Although the town is some distance from the campsite we decided to walk along the coast path adjacent to the cliffs that leads to north bay.

The path down to the beach.

As soon as we reached the beach Layla rushed down to the sea edge and had a good time chasing a stick into the sea, there are numerous public paths leading up from the beach and we took one that lead us into the town. Many shops were open but the pedestrianised high street wasn’t too busy, we looked for a cafe to sit outside but the only one we found had no spare tables.

View towards the castle.
View down to south beach.

We walked down through the park shown in the above photo to a sea front that is more set up for tourists and thankfully found an empty table outside a cafe where we had a drink and a snack. This area has the harbour used by fishing boats and pleasure boats and looked very well used.

We felt quite weary as we began the walk back and the pull up the path back onto the cliff top took its toll on us, so the cold beer I consumed when we returned was very welcome. My phone app showed we had walked a distance of 8.6 miles today, I think we will sleep well tonight.

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