Saturday 7th August 2021.

We both slept well last night, the sound of the River Dee flowing within a metre of Homer certainly seemed to have a soporific effect, I should record it and play it at home.

We started the day by walking into Llangollen and crossed the bridge over the river to the Llangollen Canal where we boarded a horse drawn narrow boat for a very silent trip along the canal.

Having a rest before the return journey.

After returning to the starting point we proceeded to walk back along the same route on the tow path to Horseshoe Falls a distance of two miles.

Horseshoe Falls.

This is a barrage built in Victorian times it redirects some of the flow of water from the river into the Llangollen Canal and eventually the Shropshire Union Canal, a clever system that relies purely on gravity and needs no mechanical/ powered devices to maintain the levels in the canal.

Chain Bridge.

We turned back on ourselves and crossed the river using the road bridge just above the Chain Bridge and Chain Bridge Hotel and then returned back to Homer by walking along the A5.

The weather has been very mixed today with heavy showers of that wet Welsh rain interspersed with sunshine, we had intended to walk into Llangollen this evening to purchase fish and chips but unfortunately it began to rain heavily so we gave up on that idea, who wants soggy batter? A replacement meal of tortellini with mushrooms in a blue cheese sauce had to do instead.

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