Bungay and Beccles.

Sunday 12th September 2021.

Bungay and Beccles, sounds like children’s tv characters doesn’t it?

We started the day in Bungay, at the island on the entrance to the town Michelle spied a hand written sign for parking to our left so we did a quick left turn and found ourselves on the access road to a golf club. The local scouts were directing people to suitable parking spaces and it was voluntary to give a donation. Being goodies we of course did. There was a foot bridge over the main road that then lead you into town where there was a fantastic “ farmers market” taking place through the streets. It very much reminded us of the markets in France, we bought a yellow rose plant and some decorative steel plant supports, plus a ciabatta and an Eccles cake which Michelle eat in Beccles.

A local choir were providing the entertainment, they sounded very good.
Bungay Castle ruins.

It was just a short hop from Bungay to Beccles, we zoned in on a car park next to the river but unfortunately someone beat us to the last space as we pulled in, there were no markings to guide parking, if everyone had parked correctly there would have been space for a lot more vehicles.Admitting defeat we drove to the other side of the town and parked on the Tesco car park, not very scenic and no river view. We walked around the town but there was very little open, there was however an unusual church, St Michaels.

The church was built in 1369, it has a porch built in 1455 and a separate bell tower built in the early 16th century, a strange mix. In 1586 a fire completely destroyed the interior of the church and it was never restored to its original glory so the exterior shows the best of the church. The bell tower was costly to maintain so in the mid 20th century it was sold to the Borough for 1penny.

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