Logrono Spain

August 15th 2018

Last night we Googled places to visit in the Navarra region and one town Olite came up as being a place to visit. It meant driving back somewhat in the wrong direction but as time is our own we didn’t worry. The historic part of the town was indeed good to look at but we didn’t fancy paying to go in the Royal Palace and we would have had to leave Layla in Homer and it was far too hot.

Today’s driving was along minor roads which on the whole were in good condition and relatively traffic free, unfortunately most towns and villages have gone in for large speed humps as a traffic calming measure, sometimes only 50m apart reducing speed for us to about 10 miles an hour.

I’m still not used to such a barren looking landscape, very different to France and the UK, for many miles there is nothing but brown fields that have been used to grow straw as animal feed, then there are pockets of grape vines, sunflowers, maize and olives growing with little signs of civilisation.

Tonight we are parked up on the outskirts of Logorno which is apparently the capital of the Rioja wine district, I must buy a bottle tomorrow. After our evening meal, taken much earlier than the Spanish, we walked into Logorno, it seems a very pleasant town with a sympathetic mixture of old and new. After a ramble around we sat in parliament square and had a few drinks and crisps that came free, then further down the street a delicious ice cream each.Its 11 pm now and still in the mid 20s, much too warm for bed.

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