August 16th 2018

One of our first tasks this morning was to set the sat nav to our first destination, Lidl! Thankfully it was only about 3 miles away and we were soon in its car park, we didn’t need much, mainly some fresh bread and a little salad, so how did we spend 31 euros? Well a quick scan of the bill would show someone slipped a bottle of pink gin into the trolley and as I said in the last blog I had to buy a bottle of Rioja.

With goodies safely stowed we began our journey heading north west and throughout the drive gaining altitude, at first we drove through the vineyards which I assume provided for the famous wine, then the fields began slowly to get greener and at one point I realised we were beginning to see trees.

Slowly we began to climb higher and higher into the hills and at the top of one pass just past the town of Ona we stopped for coffee looking down on the Rio Ebro.

Not too much further on we arrived at our destination for the night on the outskirts of a small village Santelices. The aire is at the site of an old railway station and the railway track has been turned into a walk way and cycle path. During the course of the afternoon we walked in both directions for some distance much to the delight of Layla. Tonight’s stopover has cost 4 euros which included electricity and hot showers. We are at an altitude of 700m so it is much cooler and pleasant than last night.

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