It’s Christmas.

I’m sure many motorhomes are celebrating this Christmas in their vans in many exotic places, well we too are spending our Christmas night in Homer, however we are only walking 5 metres from the front door to spend our night outside.

As our daughter Steph used to tell us when she was doing her sociology degree, we are a “reconstituted family” i.e. when Michelle and I got together we bought with us our four offspring from previous marriages. This means that at great times like Christmas our house is bulging with our off spring, partners and family friends, and of course with the odd glass or two of alcohol imbibed “sleepovers” become necessary.

As I mentioned in a previous blog whilst on a recent trip in Somerset the near side mirror smashed. I spent hours on the web searching for an affordable replacement, initially I found one for £120 , later one for £85. Then I decided to search for van/truck/bus mirrors and lo and behold tracked down a perfect replacement in Bulgaria for £18 including postage. It’s now fitted and Homer has had a Christmas present.

We will once these two days are over leap into action and get Homer ready for our New Year trip away to Durham.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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