North to Durham.

Saturday 29th December 2018.

Last year we drove south to spend New Year in Oxford, this year it’s the north’s turn to host our New Year trip.

Today we drove north for 201 miles much of it on the A1M1, it was a dry and sunny day and the traffic wasn’t too heavy, unfortunately as we got to the Sheffield area we began to get buffeted by strong westerly winds. They were so strong at times it was hard to stay in lane and twice it pulled the vent in the bathroom open so it was with some relief that we eventually arrived in Durham.

We are staying on a small site owned by Durham Rowing Club which is a modern building on the side of the river Wear it’s within a short distance of the city centre and only costs £15 a night. It has all the normal facilities of a small site and you are issued with a fob that gives you 24 hour access to the Club house and its showers etc plus you are welcomed to use the bar when it’s open.

We are staying on site with our motorhome buddies Alison and Peter and after lunch they joined us in a circular walk with Layla along the banks of the River Wear which forms an oxbow lake effect below the ancient city of Durham.

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