Friday 27th Sept 2019 – Day 26

Tonight Homer is resting his wheels in the ancient town of Dole, apart from 2 tramps everyone looks gainfully employed. We knew nothing about the town when we decided to head here so it was interesting to find it has a long history, an attractive old quarter and was the birthplace of Louis Pasteur the scientist/ chemist.

Looking at the map last night made us realise we needed to do a longer journey today to get back on track heading NW, unfortunately the only way to do so and cover some miles was to use the motorway most of which was “peage” I hate driving on the motorway when we are on trips like this, I find it boring, I like normal roads where I can take in the scenery, villages, towns etc, but needs must. We drove through the Jura mountains and stopped at the services in the area which is home to Poulet en Bresse, chickens to us.

It was therefore with some relief that I found Dole to be a very pleasant town to walk around, they are preparing for a food and drink festival this weekend and we may walk back into town later and see what’s happening.

I’m pleased to say that the church bells did cease last night and didn’t restart until 9am, however the day didn’t get off to a good start when we discovered that overnight some cretin had stolen the aluminium steps that we use to help Layla get in and out of Homer, and we find them useful too. They didn’t cost a great deal so it’s not the financial loss that I grieve, just the inconvenience, I hope when, whoever did it goes to confession they are given a load of ” Hail Marys ” to complete, personally I’d like to wrap them round their neck.

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