Ferry Meadows Caravan and Motorhome site Peterborough.

Friday 6th July 2018

We began our journey by travelling for miles around the permanent road works of the M5 and M6 before eventually accessing the A14 where the journey continued at a more pleasurable rate. It was a two and a half hour journey here and we arrived at 11.57 and the reception happily processed our booking, as I left the office there was a lot of commotion by the entrance barrier looking across you could see that a car towing a caravan had entered and the barrier had come down between the two and he had driven on and snapped the barrier off much to his embarrassment.

We are on the same pitch as last year next to my cousin with his caravan at much the same time of year for the family annual gathering “The Bash”.

By this evening 11 of the family had arrived and we enjoyed a pleasant meal together prepared and cooked by my cousin following his Mary Berry cook book guidance.

As the inebriation levels rose and it steadily got darker people began to depart mainly to the nearby Premier Inn.

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