Durham Day 2

December 31st 2018

Today has been a similar day to yesterday, this morning we walked into Durham but whilst Michelle went off to explore the shops in the modern shopping centre I took Layla for an extended walk along the River Wear that circles Durham.

I met up with Michelle in the market square where I was watching and listening to a buster playing the fiddle and operating a dancing man. When Michelle joined me I had a chat with the busker saying I knew a puppeteer/ Folk singer who operated a dancing puppet in the same way and it turned out he knew of him too, a small world!

This afternoon we went for a long walk down the river where we found a pub that welcomed dogs, it seemed rude not to take advantage and after a few refreshing drinks we headed back to the motorhomes in what by now was pitch dark. Michelle had bought Layla a flashing LED light to attach to her harness so we were able to track in her in the darkness, very necessary as she is completely black and disappears into the night.

We saw in the New Year with Peter and Alison in their van.

So it’s a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and best wishes for 2019.

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